Which 30-Day landing page converted better?

Throughout April, Worfolk Anxiety has been running a 30-Day Challenge to help people reduce their anxiety. We ran ads for it and to make sure we got the most out of the ads, we ran three different versions of the landing page as a split test.

But which got the most people to sign up?

Long-form landing page

This is our original landing page. It is a long-form sales letter with copy written by me.

Copywriter landing page

This is another version of the sales letter, but with the copy written by a professional copyright that I hired from Fiverr. Not the post expensive, given that the real pros charge thousands, but I paid a lot more than $5 for her.

Micro-commitment landing page

In this version, people were given the hero image and asked a question: were they ready to crush their anxiety. Then there was a yes and no button. If they clicked yes, they got the full sales letter. If they clicked no, I gave them some sympathy and suggested they join our Live Better newsletter.

Which converted the best?

The results were pretty close. Nobody blew away the others. However, my original sales letter did do worst. What is more surprising however is that the copywriter-written sales letter did not come top: instead, it was the micro-commitment sales page that won the day.

There are some reasons that this data may not give us 100% accurate picture. First of all, this does not include all of the people who signed up but did not click the confirmation link. This represents 40% of people. I also took these figures two-thirds of the way through the challenge, at which point some people had unsubscribed.

This means we are not directly measuring sign-ups here: we are measuring conversations. People who signed up and interacted with the content. This is, of course, more valuable.

The sample size is also fairly small.

What should we take away

Aside from that note of caution, I think there are two takeaways here.

The first is that unless you are going to hire a very good copywriter who charges a lot of money, you might as well write it yourself. Because your mid-level copywriters are not that much better than you, and they do not have the same insight into your customer avatar that you will have.

The second is that micro-commitments work. Even if it is just getting someone to press a button. If you want to convert, get people to take baby steps.



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