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Huffington Post survey on religion

November 26th, 2014

Huffington Post recently commission Survation to conduct a survey on religion in Britain. The results were quite promising for the humanist community. Here are the highlights:

  • 60% of people described themselves as non-religious
  • Over half believe that religion does more harm than good
  • 13% of people said atheists were likely to be more moral, compared with 8% who said atheists were likely to be less moral

Read more in the Huffington Post article and the BHA press release.

Abbey Dash

November 25th, 2014

The Abbey Dash is 10km race that takes place in Leeds each year. It is in aid of Age UK and you literally run out to Kirkstall Abbey and back. It is also older than I am – just. This was the 19th annual dash.

I decided it would be less depressing to start right at the back this time and found it easier than the Run For All. I had enough energy to pick up the base for the last kilometre or two, rather than wondering whether I would live to see tomorrow.

That said, I came in at a slightly slower time of 01:07:36, which put me 8,459 out of a field of 10,000. Mostly retired women in my speed category. I don’t know how everyone else does it…

Halloween 2014

November 24th, 2014

We had a Halloween party (as usual) this year due to popular demand (two people asked for it). Good effort with the fancy dress team.

IMG_7371 IMG_7374 IMG_7378

Summat New

November 23rd, 2014

Earlier this month we did a stall for West Yorkshire Humanists at Summat New.

IMG_7390 IMG_7391 IMG_7394 IMG_7395

Monstrous Regiment

November 22nd, 2014

Monstrous Regiment is the 31st Discworld novel and is set in Borogravia. It was brilliant. I normally find the Discworld books funny, but it is rare that I actually laugh out loud while reading. Monstrous Regiment achieved that several times.

Plus it has added Sam Vimes and William de Worde.


Breaking the Spell

November 13th, 2014

Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon is a 2006 book by Daniel Dennett.

In the book he argues that we need to break the spell of using scientific enquiry to consider religion. He has no problem with religion in itself, but wants it to be given the same treatment as any other discourse – that of evidence rational scientific enquiry.

He writes in his somewhat slow and lumbering style that can take a while to get going but certainly puts forward some thought-provoking ideas. It has not been my favourite recent read but did nor did I get overly bored either.

I was really enjoyed some of the little, almost throw-away sentences, that made some quite profound points. The rotting caracas of an elephant for example. It smells horrible. But it does not objectively smell horrible. It smells horrible to us as humans, but to a vulture the smell is a pleasant one.



November 6th, 2014

After years of waiting, after every single tiny village around Leeds getting fibre, the city centre finally has fibre! What a glorious time we live in. Top marks to BT Openreach, they turned up when they said they would and got it sorted within a hour.

This was us before:


And then this was us after:


And now:


If it keeps increasing like this, I will have all the world’s bandwidth by Christmas!


November 5th, 2014


Lest we forget the greatest terrorist attack the world has ever known.

Good Omens

November 3rd, 2014

Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch is a 1990 novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. It was pretty Discworld-y, by which I mean it was a fantasy novel with lots of Pratchett in it, but that is only to be expected and certainly not a bad thing.

It is probably Gaiman-y too, but I have not read any of his other stuff.

It is starting to date a bit. I got the references to “cassettes” but I am not sure how much longer that will be the case lol. The Anti-Christ is never really going to get old though…

Good Omens

Monster Raving Loony 2014 Conference videos

November 2nd, 2014

Cabinet reshuffle:

Howling Laud Hope’s speech:

Dancing during the pub crawl: