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Leeds United & San Francisco 49ers

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014 | Distractions, News

Last month, Leeds United announced a partnership with the San Francisco 49ers. It was a strategic alliance to discuss plans across the operations of both clubs including marketing, technology, merchandise, and more.

The 49ers will bring their experience as a market leader in the NFL. Meanwhile Leeds will bring all the things they are good at. Not sure what that is exactly. Perhaps given the rising tension between the 49ers and the Seahawks, San Fran want to know how to do football hooliganism properly.

Luckily, I’m already ahead of the game…


London trains

Saturday, December 1st, 2012 | Life, Thoughts

It was always going to be an interesting train to London as we went down to attend GRAM. It was a 7:30am train and by 8:30am, the speaker had announced that they had sold out of all beers and ciders!

Who is drinking at that time in the morning? A quick bit of research told me that Leeds were playing away at Millwall today. Leeds and Millwall have a long time rivalry with whose fans can be the biggest hooligans, so it turns out they were going to stop serving all alcohol on trains from 10am anyway.

Not fancying returning in the middle of a large crowd of angry football fans, and given it was only a mere £15 extra (of which I did not expense, of course), we decided to upgrade to first class.

Overall, I’m not sure it’s worth the upgrade cost. The seat is very nice and big, and the complementary food is good, but being on a weekend, isn’t hot, nor is alcohol included. It was also very quiet though, and you do get unlimited wifi included, so maybe it wasn’t too bad.

A Brit Talks Football

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012 | Sport

American Football

As some of you know, I’ve been a huge fan of American football for days now. After deciding to really get on board with Norm’s annual Super Bowl party, I decided to support the 49ers, only to see them knocked out in the championship round by the New York Giants.

Since then, with the new NFL season having arrived, I’ve picked myself up an NFL GamePass to allow me to watch the games over here, and have decided to blog about my experiences on my new NFL football blog, entitled A Brit Talks Football.

You can also follow my updates on Twitter.

Inclusivity at the World Cup

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011 | Religion & Politics, Thoughts

Most of us reading this will live in 2011, in the Western World. We’re used to living in a civilised society, summer riots aside. But thanks to globalisation, we’re increasingly finding a clash of cultures on many issues.

A good example of this is the World Cup hosting duties being awarded to Qatar.

The problem with this is that being an Islamic nation, homosexuality (well, homosexual acts, but it amounts to the same thing) is actually illegal there. These are enforced, including against people just on holiday there[1].

Yet, in 2022, thousands of footballers, and several hundred thousand fans will travel to the country. And many of them will be gay. Even if you take a conservative estimate that 1% of people are gay, that puts at least 1,000 gay people in a country where just being themselves – is illegal.

That’s mental. I really don’t think we should be OK with this situation.

Luckily, everyone’s favourite football character Sepp Blatter stepped in to offer some advice. He explained “I’d say they [gay fans] should refrain from any sexual activities.”[2]. Problem solved, I guess. Of course, this is from the same man who doesn’t seem to have a problem with racism[3] and is constantly dogged by allegations of corruption[4].

So what do we do about it? Well, we could get all the major countries to boycott it. Or at least Western countries, who knows how much control His Holiness commands over South America’s attitudes, and the answer is probably quite a lot. We could certainly give it a try though, and it would be a worthy cause. As Bryan Goldberg points out, Qatar also has a terrible human rights record, and that’s just the start of it.

Of course, we probably won’t do that, not because missing the World Cup would be mega rubbish (which it would be, that would be the biggest drawback of not taking part), but because it would be politically insensitive for us to call a nation out on the fact that their state religion is the most intolerant faiths currently practiced in the modern world (then again, maybe I’m just being over critical – it’s easy to take 534 verses out of context5).

Instead, our fearless leader David Cameron hopes that bringing the World Cup to Qatar will show them that homosexuality is actually fine[6]. Apparently, “football can be a great engine for social change and a change of attitudes” and, when it comes down to it, at least there is such a thing as an Islamic soup kitchen.

So, eleven years from now, in an attempt to change social attitudes, we will send hundreds of our citizens into a country where making love to their spouse is a crime punishable by execution. Wonderful.

[6]: – this resource is no longer available

Sporting Saturdays

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011 | Distractions, Life

Last Saturday saw the final of the 2011 Indian Premiere League. The two teams who were fighting out were the Chennai Super Kings and the Royal Challengers Bangalore.

The Super Kings made a fantastic start, reaching 205 runs by the end of their innings. This left the Royal Challengers with a huge hill to climb and when Chris Gale fell in the first few balls, you knew it was all over.

The cricket was followed by the UEFA Champion’s League final between Manchester United and Barcelona. Man Utd played reasonably well but were ultimately completed outclassed by a team with mirrored the superb play of the World Cup winning Spanish side.

The biggest surprise of the day however was that I actually spent some time watching sport. Could it be that two years working in the sports betting industry has finally got to me? Is this s a sign that the rapture is on its way after all? Only time will tell…

The buzz at Buzz

Sunday, January 16th, 2011 | Life

It’s been very busy at work over the past few months as we prepare to expand by launching our own website. This finally happened last week and we’re now live, albeit in beta with our product ZonePlay which is a new kind of sports betting in which you can bet on what will happen next.

If you’re interested in checking it out, we’ll be trading every football game you’ll find on British television so next time you’re watching the match, just head over to the website, click the game and hit “play for fun” to get started.

As part of work’s expansion, I’m pleased to say that I’ll be taking on additional responsibility working on the project management side – so when things go horribly wrong in the future it genuinely might be my fault :S .

Football gets everywhere

Monday, July 12th, 2010 | Events, Humanism, Thoughts

The World Cup manages to get everywhere – and arguably so it should – though it was surprising to find that it even made it as far as the Humanist Community of Leeds with Gijsbert dressing up in all orange to support his home country, The Netherlands.

Five a side

Friday, December 25th, 2009 | Sport

Last Tuesday was a strange day.

You see, I engaged in exercise. Actually that’s not unheard of but certainly playing competitive football is – I haven’t played competitively for 12 years now and it’s probably been about half that again since I regularly played at all.

But with work now having a team I headed down to Goals on Kirkstall Road on Tuesday for our second match of the “season.” It snowed. And hailed. And rained. But I can see the potential fun in summer 😉 .

Late night sport

Monday, October 13th, 2008 | Distractions, Life

Having arrived late to the pub quiz due to technical difficulties I will later elaborate on, we headed up for some food and ended up sitting around in the car park when someone pulls out a rugby ball.

I’m going to be honest, playing rugby at half 11 on a Sunday night in a cark park isn’t were I thought my weekend would end up. Not that I’m complaining. We also got a game of football in and by the end of it, well, sport and computer scientists don’t mix. But it makes me feel slightly better about the amount of junk I eat so it all works out for the best in the end I guess.