Super Bowl XLVI

I’m a man who can deliver on his promises – last year I promised I would be booking the morning off to watch the Super Bowl and for Super Bowl XLVI, I delivered! You could of course argue that my willingness to take a day off because I was planning to be up very late isn’t really evidence of an ability to deliver to tough deadlines in any field of working life, but you would be wrong 😉 .

With the New York Giants having knocked out my beloved 49ers, who I have supported ever since I decided to pick a team to support and buy an appropriate shirt, I was firmly behind the New England Patriots and their very handsome quarterback Tom Brady. After all, there comes a point in life when you have to choose – are you a Patriot, or are you a Terrorist?

Unfortunately, with the Giants scoring a reluctant touch down with only a minute remaining on the clock, Brady couldn’t quite deliver a response. And that’s how I lost my housing deposit gambling on American Football…



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