I’m Australian. I’m from Melbourne.

Last night we headed out to say goodbye to Craig, as well as welcoming a few new faces to the company. We started off at Cuthbert Brodrick which was crazy busy but awesome as always before heading to Red Hot World Buffet.

Even though our table wasn’t booked until 9:30, they didn’t get us sat down for over twenty minutes and then once we were sat down, they had the cheek to tell us ten minutes in that they would be closing the buffet at 11! Despite the food being excellent, this kind of service simply wasn’t on so after a quick chat with the manager we also found ourselves with a free round of drinks, which went quite a way to making up for it.

Afterward we hit Selabar followed by Smoke Stack, both great bars that I had never actually been to before and thanks to Rebecca’s contacts at Smoke Stack we managed to miss the queues and get some amazing drinks too – it’s quite nice having some Old Money in the office 😀 .



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