Sharing a coke? I don’t think so

The other day I was catching up with one of my friends who was in Leeds for the weekend. I fancied a drink so I went into the McDonald’s on Briggate and ordered a medium coke.

We went just outside the restaurant and continued chatting, while I was drinking my coke, though after about half the cup, I had had enough, so I gave the rest to my friend.

As he started to drink, the restaurant manager came running out of the restaurant and yelled “what do you think you are doing? If you want a drink, you have to buy your own! You can’t have the rest of his!”

That story isn’t true.

Of course it isn’t true, that would be mental. And yet, when I parked up in a car park in Sheffield city centre last week, I was asked for my car’s registration number, to make sure that I couldn’t pass the parking ticket on to anyone else.

In other words, Sheffield City Council were deliberately preventing me from passing on parking time, which I had already paid for, and of which they offered no refund for the time I didn’t use, to someone else. But how is that any different to sharing a coke?



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