George’s birthday

Earlier this month, George celebrated another anniversary of his birth.

We did so in style, by heading down to Stick or Twist for Curry Club to grab some dinner before everyone else arrived. Unfortunately, their freezers had broken down so we had a very limited selection of curries to choose from as they were actually having to cook things from fresh.

George received an excellent turn out with us constantly having to expand on more and more tables as people turned up. Unfortunately, some of George’s friends are from Leeds Met so our constant jokes about prime numbers were lost on them. One of them had only just turned 18 which made us all feel old though George explained that he hangs out with them because they are easy to mould at that age. We use the term mould because the term groom has become a political no-no.

I also managed to scare the bar staff. I ordered a dessert and they explained it was cheaper if I ordered it with a hot drink. So I said OK and asked if I could have a hot chocolate, but they explained it had to be tea or coffee and suggested a coffee with two shots in because it was quite chocolatey.

I agreed because it was a money saver and I could just give the coffee to someone else. After I got back, Norm and Phil headed to the bar and were joking about the fact I couldn’t have caffeine. Apparently, this panicked the barmaid who was quite concerned that I might not have realised just how much caffeine there was in the drink she served me :D.



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