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24 hour Costa

Saturday, November 5th, 2016 | Photos


Just to clarify then, it is a 24 hour Costa that closes for 1 hour 25 minutes each night.


Thursday, June 20th, 2013 | Photos


Does this mean they sell hot drinks for £1.20 a cup, or they have a range of hot drinks priced between £1 and £20 per cup? Because that must be one fancy drink…

What does begging pay?

Sunday, March 31st, 2013 | Foundation, Humanism

Tonight wasn’t the best night we’ve ever had at the Humanist Action Group. We judge that by the amount of people we find – on a good night, everyone will have found shelter and there will be nobody on the streets. Tonight, we got about 100m from our door before we had run out of coffee and had to go back to make more.

One of the people we chatted to gave us an insight into how much money you can make begging. It’s significantly less than you can earn in a minimum wage job. If anyone ever tells you they make loads of money – tell them to stop voting Tory and pull their head out of their ass.

Here is what you might expect to make in a week…

  • Monday – Wednesday: £10-15 per night
  • Thursday: £20 per night
  • Friday: £25-30 per night
  • Saturday: If the weather is good, maybe £35
  • Sunday: Nothing, there is nobody in town on a Sunday

Not a great way to scratch a living.

George’s birthday

Monday, December 19th, 2011 | Friends

Earlier this month, George celebrated another anniversary of his birth.

We did so in style, by heading down to Stick or Twist for Curry Club to grab some dinner before everyone else arrived. Unfortunately, their freezers had broken down so we had a very limited selection of curries to choose from as they were actually having to cook things from fresh.

George received an excellent turn out with us constantly having to expand on more and more tables as people turned up. Unfortunately, some of George’s friends are from Leeds Met so our constant jokes about prime numbers were lost on them. One of them had only just turned 18 which made us all feel old though George explained that he hangs out with them because they are easy to mould at that age. We use the term mould because the term groom has become a political no-no.

I also managed to scare the bar staff. I ordered a dessert and they explained it was cheaper if I ordered it with a hot drink. So I said OK and asked if I could have a hot chocolate, but they explained it had to be tea or coffee and suggested a coffee with two shots in because it was quite chocolatey.

I agreed because it was a money saver and I could just give the coffee to someone else. After I got back, Norm and Phil headed to the bar and were joking about the fact I couldn’t have caffeine. Apparently, this panicked the barmaid who was quite concerned that I might not have realised just how much caffeine there was in the drink she served me :D.

Limited or no connectivity

Sunday, June 28th, 2009 | Friends, Humanism, Life

Thursday was an evening of problems. Having left work at a reasonable time to run home and get a shower I phoned Nicola to sort out times for the evening. Which didn’t work because her phone is broken. And her backup phone is lost. That is like a double RAID array failure. I did say that girl was trouble.

Anyway I Facebooked her all the details but she didn’t reply. Running late I decided to run by Parkinson building anyway just to see if she had got the message and turned up but she hadn’t. So I headed off towards Rich’s when I got a phone call from her asking where I was as she was about to get to Parkinson 😀 .

Minor problems compared to when we got down to Rich’s and realised that we didn’t actually have a flask for the coffee lol. Rich had left his at Rationalist Week and mine was packed away somewhere but apparently not in my HAG bag so we ended up having to make a short trip to Tesco for some cold drink alternatives as well as some food.

In the end it all worked out rather nicely though as we made it back just in time for Question Time.

Running dry

Friday, May 29th, 2009 | Humanism, Life

Last night with HAG we, for the first time ever, ran out of coffee. I’m not sure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing as it means there are plenty of people to once again receive said coffee but this can be put down to the fact that our Thursday night excursions have been a bit patchy recently and so the issue has managed to gain a foothold again.

It can also be attributed to the fact that I only made half as much coffee as normal because we only get through half of it at best usually. Luckily we didn’t have to turn anyone down though, we just cut the night short. This resulted in us being back in time to watch Question Time so it all worked out in the end 😉 .

Red Bull

Friday, September 12th, 2008 | Thoughts

Being a developer I don’t drink tea or coffee. That’s not exclusively true, if we’re making proper coffee at a dinner party I will have a cup but I tend to play that down as I feel a slowly developing taste for coffee and the fact we throw dinner parties are both signs that I am getting old. But back on the point, when I need that pick me up, it’s all abou the energy drinks. You just can’t beat them.

Just reading over the front of my can of Red Bull though I notice is proudly announces…

0g fat
123 calories
0g salt

Which is great. Though it makes me question why it would be an achivement to have no fat or salt in a drink. I mean, is that normal? Did it used to? It’s like when you see “suitable for vegitarians” on a chocolate bar and wonder why it wasn’t before (interestly, McDonald’s strawberry milkshakes only became suitable for vegitarians about 6 months ago, think about what that means :p).

Futher round the back of the can it goes on to say…

A serving (250ml) contains the equivalent of approx. 0g of salt

What does that mean? Approximately means it actually does contain some salt I presume. And equivalent means it has some kind of salt substitute equal to the amount of salt that would be in there if there was salt in there? Which means none as there isn’t any? So they have replaced the salt with 0g of something similar?

What are the betting lawyers were involved here?

Dinner party

Monday, July 14th, 2008 | Events, Humanism, Life

Camping having been cancelled, it was down to Chris the wonder kid to throw together some kind of A-Soc event to ensure we did something over the weekend. So, us now having a dining room and all we throw together a dinner party for those of us that were still around over summer.

In the end it turned out rather well – we managed a full seven courses as well as offering people a choice with several courses and best of all, nobody died. Nobody at all. There was a turn up for the books indeed. So given I haven’t really cooked for like a year or two now, I’m going to chalk it down as a victory.

It also presented some interesting experiences. I gave the port a try, which I didn’t find very drinkable but there you go, it wasn’t particuarly good port anyway, and some of Norm’s fancy Brazilian coffee which I did manage to stomach. I think that is a sign of me getting old. But should be good for all nighters I guess. Not that anyone is going to be pulling out a cafetiere during such times.