What does begging pay?

Tonight wasn’t the best night we’ve ever had at the Humanist Action Group. We judge that by the amount of people we find – on a good night, everyone will have found shelter and there will be nobody on the streets. Tonight, we got about 100m from our door before we had run out of coffee and had to go back to make more.

One of the people we chatted to gave us an insight into how much money you can make begging. It’s significantly less than you can earn in a minimum wage job. If anyone ever tells you they make loads of money – tell them to stop voting Tory and pull their head out of their ass.

Here is what you might expect to make in a week…

  • Monday – Wednesday: £10-15 per night
  • Thursday: £20 per night
  • Friday: £25-30 per night
  • Saturday: If the weather is good, maybe £35
  • Sunday: Nothing, there is nobody in town on a Sunday

Not a great way to scratch a living.



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