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I recently took a quick glance at my stats to see, well I would say how many people read my blog, but what you really get is how many spam bots have hit your blog. In any case, it was interesting to see some of the search terms that people have used to reach my blog:

  • dogging
  • red light area in london
  • hamster birthday
  • chicken brain
  • osama bin laden death photo
  • sue my chin buff my pylon
  • dont buff my pylon
  • cottaging blog
  • daily star they ve stolen all our jobs
  • bejeweled illuminati
  • talk to dead ancestors
  • water way to have a good time

Dogging I can understand, though I imagine people will be quite disappointed in the content they find when they get here. Chicken brain comes from the time we went to Nando’s for my birthday and found a chicken brain in our food.

The buff my pylon stuff is a reference to Brass Eye while the last term is a reference to Alan Partridge, though the blog post itself is nothing to do with that.

The Daily Star reference refers to a headline they ran in 2008 claiming immigrants had taken every single unskilled job in the past few years.

Beyond that, I’m a little lost though. I don’t have any pictures of Osama Bin Laden’s dead body, I’ve never tried cottaging and I’m fairly sure that Bejeweled is not a product of the Illuminati designed to control our minds. And even if I did, I certainly haven’t expressed that opinion on my blog!

EDIT: Actually, while I didn’t say that, I did suggest PopCap might be the new Illuminati.



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