I recently stumbled across the idea of playing Bejeweled again and having brought it up in a conversation with Si a few days later he pointed out it was available for the iPhone too. As a consequence I purchased it and am now highly addicted. Like mega addicted.

It’s almost scary.

I mean, do you remember when that game took over the Enterprise on The Next Generation? In the episode, appropriately named The Game Riker brings back a game from Risa which is so addictive everyone is soon playing it but behind the game there is an evil plot lurking.

It’s easy to dismiss the idea as the science fiction that in that case it indeed is but I am really finding it quite shaking how easy it is to slip into playing Bejeweled all day. Last night I was playing it for hours rather than going to sleep and tonight as I tried to get some work done I was constantly like “I’ll just do this one last level” and say that over and over again at the end of every level.

Forget the Illuminati, the New World Order, the Umbrella or Rossom Corporations. If anyone has the power to bring us to 1984, it’s PopCap Games. Now there is something I wasn’t expecting.



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