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Sleep, precious sleep

Sunday, April 30th, 2006 | Life

Got to bed around 1:30, maybe later as I just stuck an episode of the X-Files on and started watching that before drifting off. Slept until nearly 6. Still, looking forward to more sleep tonight. I should probably eat something.

I can’t believe the weekend has already gone. This was going to be my catch-up weekend when I had lots of free time to do things like videos for my websites, getting on top of my emails and so forth. I also need to sort my room out again and get some washing done.

Fun at Oblivion

Sunday, April 30th, 2006 | Life

Wow, I didn’t post yesterday. Busy day though. Got up at 11 (after getting back from Sarann’s about 3) and went down to the market where we bought loads of meat and such for a BBQ in Hyde Park. Finally got that going about 2 and didn’t finish until 6. Guessing we’re going to have to streamline that if we want to do it in a lunch hour :D.

Then last night was Oblivion. It was just in one room, Mine, so it wasn’t multiple musical options but the music was good. Wasn’t the perfect set I was looking for but still probably one of the best playlists I have heard since coming to uni. We got to the Old Bar at like 8 and starting drinking there then went in just before 10.

Originally it was myself, Fonze, Claire, Michelle and Tony plus Sophie and Sarann eventually joined us. Everyone except myself and Fonze left about 1 though. We were still going as we had been drinking (and continued lol) red bulls all night :D.

Fonze’s confidence is going up. He went up and asked a girl to dance (who indeed accepted) and the girl that I mentioned was dancing in Mutate (Mine) at the last Wendy House was there so we had a dance. She’s called Laura and seems to share my view that Wendy House is unmissable.

It finished at 2:34 and we bussed it back to mine and spent the night watching horror movies :p. We managed to get through Halloween, The Faculty, Free Enterprise and an episode of Futurama before Fonze went to get the bus home at 9. Since then I’ve spent like 40 minutes in the shower (which is quite short, I thought I was in there for like an hour) and watched some more Futurama. I’m sure I’ll get around to sleeping eventually :D.

I’m a little hyper at the moment

Friday, April 28th, 2006 | Life

Finished my DB11 coursework and headed to the bus stop about 4:45. Didn’t get a bus until 5:15 or something (these times might be a little closer but it was still a long time to be waiting for a bus that in theory runs every 10 minutes and you’ll see why it’s even worse as I go on). I was waiting for a 95, I ended up getting a 1. To be more specific, the 4th number 1. 4th! In between me arriving and me getting on the 1 I got on, there were 3 number 1’s, 3 97A’s and 2 96’s – an no 95s! That’s just stupid. Did I like miss every 95 in existence?

Still, it wasn’t a bad thing. Claire turned up while I was waiting so I had a good chat with her about recent events and indeed times to come (Oblivion on Saturday and Bondi on Monday). I also got the bus home with Janine who is also still hyper after seeing Gary Numan on Monday.

Tonights plans involve going to the Rock Soc social which is basically just people gathering in a pub. Still, shound be fun. Would have been must grander plans but Fonze can’t get out as his parents are going out.

Thought of the day

Friday, April 28th, 2006 | Life

Is it a hate crime to beat up a racist?

Post night out round-up

Friday, April 28th, 2006 | Life

Why am I blogging my post night out round-up at just gone midnight you ask? Well it was a fairly short nice. To put it simply, the bouncer wouldn’t net us into Bondi because we were wearing trainers. We toyed with the idea of going elsewhere but in the end Fonze decided to bus it home. But that’s beside the point, this is such f***ing bulls***! I’m now going to deliver a lengthy lecture on why that is.

It’s Thursday
The most obvious point is – it’s Thursday! It’s not even the weekend. I can accept that they have a dress code on the weekend when everyone is in town but there simply aren’t that many people out clubbing on a Thursday. Beggers can’t be choosers (well they can but they probably shouldn’t be) and that place was desserted, it was nearly 11 when we arrived and not only was no queue or anyone following us also heading to there.

Firstly, it’s Bondi
This isn’t your uber-trendy nightclub like Gatecrasher or Oceania. It’s Bondi. It’s a beach bar! Hardy the Ritz is it. It’s all about girls in bikinis serving drinks, as much as I love it, it’s not a classy place.

Plus they don’t seem to enforce this dress code randomly. When we went for Fonze’s birthday they turned Andy away because he had stealies on (as I’ve mentioned in a previous post) but were quite happy to let the rest of us and I know for a fact that myself and Fonze were wearing trainers. It may have been over the holidays but it’s still totally double standards.

It’s Leeds
I disagree with dress codes most of the time anyway. Students make up 10% of the population in Leeds and we all dress casual. Not 10% of the clubbing population, but 10% of the entire population. We single handidly keep these places alive through the weekdays and indeed to a degree the weekends too. They should cut is a break, especially on a Thursday! How many non-students are even going to be out on a Thursday night?

No motivation

Thursday, April 27th, 2006 | Life

I’m somehow drained of all motivation. I can’t be bothered doing anything. I have all the stuff open to get my websites done but I’m just sitting here. It look a lot of effort just to open my blog.

It’s really annoying. I want to get them done but I just can’t be bothered to do anything. Nor can I be bothered to sort my room out or try and fix my router.

Toying with whether to hit Bondi tonight. Free entry so I can just leave if it sucks but then other than waiting to hear back from Oli it doesn’t look like anyone else is coming which means I’ll probably spend my time drinking which just makes it expensive. Might go anyway and just chill. I’m interested to see what it’s like on a day that isn’t Monday.

I’m looking forward to Oblivion on Saturday but that’s like two days away. Maybe I should go to Fruity tomorrow but I’m not a massive fan of it and the only other big student night is Star which I’m way less of a fan of.

Since whence I last blogged

Thursday, April 27th, 2006 | Life

Been a while. By that I mean I went the whole of yesterday without blogging. Wow! Must have been a busy day. Well actually, it wasn’t that busy but I spent very little time at a computer. In relative terms of course :p. I still got a good few hours in (like 4 maybe).

Went home for my dad’s birthday so I had to bus it over which took a little under 100 minutes in total. Got a bunch of important downloads done as my I took my laptop though. Bused it into uni this morning so I still have all my gear with me which should be fun carrying round today.

I came back with more stuff than I went with. I only losted a card and a present while I picked up a shirt, some shorts, a tub of margerine, a DVD, some sandals and the only reason I stopped there is because I couldn’t carry anything else or I would also have another set of bedding and a sleeping bag. And probably a carton of apple juice too. Plus I’m planning to get a new hoodie so getting home should be a challenge :D.

Had a good meal last night at least, we went to a restaurant called the Thai Palace. I’m not a massive fan of Thai food but it’s a really nice place. Plus this morning I didn’t get up until 7:40 which is 10 minutes later than I would have to get up than if I was at Bod. Still, I stand by my decision to move into uni accommodation ;).

I’m having a retarded day

Tuesday, April 25th, 2006 | Life

Film making society is a bit screwed at the moment as we don’t have a room for our Wednesday meeting. When I went up to the ARC in the union I asked which rooms we had booked. But I later realised I had actually being asking about tonight rather than tomorrow.

And then just now I couldn’t get my Java application working. I realised it was because I was setting the destination that the object was supposed to move to, to the same location it was at now because I was assigning it from the destination variable which has by then been over-written by the origin variable rather than using the temp variable I assigned the new destination too (it’s moving backwards and forwards between origin and destination).

The students are back at Bondi

Tuesday, April 25th, 2006 | Life

While it’s true I always identify myself as a student rather than a local (or more accurately reserve an entirely seperate group for myself, the “student local hybrid”), the students being back at Bondi is one of the negative consequences of term being back on again. It’s packed, all the girls seem to pair up faster and it’s harder to get drinks plus you have to queue to get to the toilet and even to go down the stairs.

So yeah, went to Bondi, got there a little after 10 to avoid the queues. Quite successfully done, walked straight in. Got asked for student IDs though, to be honest I think he should recognise me by now :p. I know he sees a lot of people but this is my 4th consecutive Mental Monday and the bar staff recognise me (one of the guys pointed me out as I walked in to the girls working the bottle baths).

I only drank 5 bottles but I’m happy with that, that takes it to £1.20 a bottle which is good value (if you take £4 off the entry price to account for regular club admission which is only realistic). Michelle got through 3 bottles in 6 minutes and 6 in about 15 and ended up throwing up before midnight before continuing to party on (like a true student :p). It was open until 3:30 again, maybe it’s a summer thing, but I didn’t stay that long anyway as I wanted to get the last bus home and Michelle really needed to get home to get some sleep.

Maths Chris stayed there dancing with Bee. That’s gossip item number one :D. Number two being (although this should probably take a higher priority really) that George pulled again. He’s shaved his head which is needlessly confusing. When he first came in I thought he was Dean :D. He could actually be Dean’s twin brother if he kept his hair that short. He just doesn’t look like George without the hat. No sign of SJ or Laura but ah well. I still had fun. Music wasn’t too bad, they deviated a little from the standard playlist but they got most of the generic rock which I go for so it was pretty cool.

I’m also a, and I quote “Bondi legend” now apparently. Which is really cool but I mean, I haven’t been that much :D. Until recently, then it’s become a little obsessive as I’m thinking of going on Thursday to check it out on a non-Monday night. Plus we arranged to go next Monday at Wendy House too.

Right, I think that’s all I have to say for this post-clubbing round-up. I need food now and I should probably drink something too. Need to be up in like 7 hours as well. I’m not sure I have anything other than chocolate. I need to get my microchips store back up.

I don’t have time to blog

Monday, April 24th, 2006 | Life

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking. “You clearly do have time to blog if you are blogging.” But I don’t really. More to the point, I shouldn’t be blogging, I should be doing other stuff. But lets face it, even if you don’t have time to blog in reality, you still can find time to blog by ignoring other things even if they are really important. Because blogging is probably the most important thing in the world.

So yeah, I was in DEC-10 until almost 6 pm working on my SE15 coursework (myself and Michelle also put the finishing touches to your SE12 coursework which I must remember to hand in tomorrow) and then got home, opened my mail (bank statements, nothing exciting), fixed Ian’s computer then went down to dinner. Got back at 7:30 which would give me two hours to update my websites, sort out my hundreds of emails and get ready to go out.

Except then Sophie pulled me away to fix her computer (I was unable to but apparently she spoke to Maths Chris who couldn’t fix it either. But I’m guessing it was more a case, he didn’t want to fix it when he’s an ISS helper without it going down as a job as I know I wouldn’t want to).

So I’ve got some of the more critical website updates done, the forums will have to wait and now I need to find a way to check my email accounts when my laptop doesn’t have internet access because my network is still down. I don’t want to unplug my desktop but I may have to. I could use webmail I guess but it is so much faster to use my email client so it wouldn’t be worth it.

On top of that, I need to send an email out about film making society, I’m so screwed. Ok, I’m going to stop blogging now and get stuff done.