No motivation

I’m somehow drained of all motivation. I can’t be bothered doing anything. I have all the stuff open to get my websites done but I’m just sitting here. It look a lot of effort just to open my blog.

It’s really annoying. I want to get them done but I just can’t be bothered to do anything. Nor can I be bothered to sort my room out or try and fix my router.

Toying with whether to hit Bondi tonight. Free entry so I can just leave if it sucks but then other than waiting to hear back from Oli it doesn’t look like anyone else is coming which means I’ll probably spend my time drinking which just makes it expensive. Might go anyway and just chill. I’m interested to see what it’s like on a day that isn’t Monday.

I’m looking forward to Oblivion on Saturday but that’s like two days away. Maybe I should go to Fruity tomorrow but I’m not a massive fan of it and the only other big student night is Star which I’m way less of a fan of.



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