Post night out round-up

Why am I blogging my post night out round-up at just gone midnight you ask? Well it was a fairly short nice. To put it simply, the bouncer wouldn’t net us into Bondi because we were wearing trainers. We toyed with the idea of going elsewhere but in the end Fonze decided to bus it home. But that’s beside the point, this is such f***ing bulls***! I’m now going to deliver a lengthy lecture on why that is.

It’s Thursday
The most obvious point is – it’s Thursday! It’s not even the weekend. I can accept that they have a dress code on the weekend when everyone is in town but there simply aren’t that many people out clubbing on a Thursday. Beggers can’t be choosers (well they can but they probably shouldn’t be) and that place was desserted, it was nearly 11 when we arrived and not only was no queue or anyone following us also heading to there.

Firstly, it’s Bondi
This isn’t your uber-trendy nightclub like Gatecrasher or Oceania. It’s Bondi. It’s a beach bar! Hardy the Ritz is it. It’s all about girls in bikinis serving drinks, as much as I love it, it’s not a classy place.

Plus they don’t seem to enforce this dress code randomly. When we went for Fonze’s birthday they turned Andy away because he had stealies on (as I’ve mentioned in a previous post) but were quite happy to let the rest of us and I know for a fact that myself and Fonze were wearing trainers. It may have been over the holidays but it’s still totally double standards.

It’s Leeds
I disagree with dress codes most of the time anyway. Students make up 10% of the population in Leeds and we all dress casual. Not 10% of the clubbing population, but 10% of the entire population. We single handidly keep these places alive through the weekdays and indeed to a degree the weekends too. They should cut is a break, especially on a Thursday! How many non-students are even going to be out on a Thursday night?



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