Since whence I last blogged

Been a while. By that I mean I went the whole of yesterday without blogging. Wow! Must have been a busy day. Well actually, it wasn’t that busy but I spent very little time at a computer. In relative terms of course :p. I still got a good few hours in (like 4 maybe).

Went home for my dad’s birthday so I had to bus it over which took a little under 100 minutes in total. Got a bunch of important downloads done as my I took my laptop though. Bused it into uni this morning so I still have all my gear with me which should be fun carrying round today.

I came back with more stuff than I went with. I only losted a card and a present while I picked up a shirt, some shorts, a tub of margerine, a DVD, some sandals and the only reason I stopped there is because I couldn’t carry anything else or I would also have another set of bedding and a sleeping bag. And probably a carton of apple juice too. Plus I’m planning to get a new hoodie so getting home should be a challenge :D.

Had a good meal last night at least, we went to a restaurant called the Thai Palace. I’m not a massive fan of Thai food but it’s a really nice place. Plus this morning I didn’t get up until 7:40 which is 10 minutes later than I would have to get up than if I was at Bod. Still, I stand by my decision to move into uni accommodation ;).



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