I don’t have time to blog

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking. “You clearly do have time to blog if you are blogging.” But I don’t really. More to the point, I shouldn’t be blogging, I should be doing other stuff. But lets face it, even if you don’t have time to blog in reality, you still can find time to blog by ignoring other things even if they are really important. Because blogging is probably the most important thing in the world.

So yeah, I was in DEC-10 until almost 6 pm working on my SE15 coursework (myself and Michelle also put the finishing touches to your SE12 coursework which I must remember to hand in tomorrow) and then got home, opened my mail (bank statements, nothing exciting), fixed Ian’s computer then went down to dinner. Got back at 7:30 which would give me two hours to update my websites, sort out my hundreds of emails and get ready to go out.

Except then Sophie pulled me away to fix her computer (I was unable to but apparently she spoke to Maths Chris who couldn’t fix it either. But I’m guessing it was more a case, he didn’t want to fix it when he’s an ISS helper without it going down as a job as I know I wouldn’t want to).

So I’ve got some of the more critical website updates done, the forums will have to wait and now I need to find a way to check my email accounts when my laptop doesn’t have internet access because my network is still down. I don’t want to unplug my desktop but I may have to. I could use webmail I guess but it is so much faster to use my email client so it wouldn’t be worth it.

On top of that, I need to send an email out about film making society, I’m so screwed. Ok, I’m going to stop blogging now and get stuff done.



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