The students are back at Bondi

While it’s true I always identify myself as a student rather than a local (or more accurately reserve an entirely seperate group for myself, the “student local hybrid”), the students being back at Bondi is one of the negative consequences of term being back on again. It’s packed, all the girls seem to pair up faster and it’s harder to get drinks plus you have to queue to get to the toilet and even to go down the stairs.

So yeah, went to Bondi, got there a little after 10 to avoid the queues. Quite successfully done, walked straight in. Got asked for student IDs though, to be honest I think he should recognise me by now :p. I know he sees a lot of people but this is my 4th consecutive Mental Monday and the bar staff recognise me (one of the guys pointed me out as I walked in to the girls working the bottle baths).

I only drank 5 bottles but I’m happy with that, that takes it to £1.20 a bottle which is good value (if you take £4 off the entry price to account for regular club admission which is only realistic). Michelle got through 3 bottles in 6 minutes and 6 in about 15 and ended up throwing up before midnight before continuing to party on (like a true student :p). It was open until 3:30 again, maybe it’s a summer thing, but I didn’t stay that long anyway as I wanted to get the last bus home and Michelle really needed to get home to get some sleep.

Maths Chris stayed there dancing with Bee. That’s gossip item number one :D. Number two being (although this should probably take a higher priority really) that George pulled again. He’s shaved his head which is needlessly confusing. When he first came in I thought he was Dean :D. He could actually be Dean’s twin brother if he kept his hair that short. He just doesn’t look like George without the hat. No sign of SJ or Laura but ah well. I still had fun. Music wasn’t too bad, they deviated a little from the standard playlist but they got most of the generic rock which I go for so it was pretty cool.

I’m also a, and I quote “Bondi legend” now apparently. Which is really cool but I mean, I haven’t been that much :D. Until recently, then it’s become a little obsessive as I’m thinking of going on Thursday to check it out on a non-Monday night. Plus we arranged to go next Monday at Wendy House too.

Right, I think that’s all I have to say for this post-clubbing round-up. I need food now and I should probably drink something too. Need to be up in like 7 hours as well. I’m not sure I have anything other than chocolate. I need to get my microchips store back up.



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