I’m a little hyper at the moment

Finished my DB11 coursework and headed to the bus stop about 4:45. Didn’t get a bus until 5:15 or something (these times might be a little closer but it was still a long time to be waiting for a bus that in theory runs every 10 minutes and you’ll see why it’s even worse as I go on). I was waiting for a 95, I ended up getting a 1. To be more specific, the 4th number 1. 4th! In between me arriving and me getting on the 1 I got on, there were 3 number 1’s, 3 97A’s and 2 96’s – an no 95s! That’s just stupid. Did I like miss every 95 in existence?

Still, it wasn’t a bad thing. Claire turned up while I was waiting so I had a good chat with her about recent events and indeed times to come (Oblivion on Saturday and Bondi on Monday). I also got the bus home with Janine who is also still hyper after seeing Gary Numan on Monday.

Tonights plans involve going to the Rock Soc social which is basically just people gathering in a pub. Still, shound be fun. Would have been must grander plans but Fonze can’t get out as his parents are going out.



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