Fun at Oblivion

Wow, I didn’t post yesterday. Busy day though. Got up at 11 (after getting back from Sarann’s about 3) and went down to the market where we bought loads of meat and such for a BBQ in Hyde Park. Finally got that going about 2 and didn’t finish until 6. Guessing we’re going to have to streamline that if we want to do it in a lunch hour :D.

Then last night was Oblivion. It was just in one room, Mine, so it wasn’t multiple musical options but the music was good. Wasn’t the perfect set I was looking for but still probably one of the best playlists I have heard since coming to uni. We got to the Old Bar at like 8 and starting drinking there then went in just before 10.

Originally it was myself, Fonze, Claire, Michelle and Tony plus Sophie and Sarann eventually joined us. Everyone except myself and Fonze left about 1 though. We were still going as we had been drinking (and continued lol) red bulls all night :D.

Fonze’s confidence is going up. He went up and asked a girl to dance (who indeed accepted) and the girl that I mentioned was dancing in Mutate (Mine) at the last Wendy House was there so we had a dance. She’s called Laura and seems to share my view that Wendy House is unmissable.

It finished at 2:34 and we bussed it back to mine and spent the night watching horror movies :p. We managed to get through Halloween, The Faculty, Free Enterprise and an episode of Futurama before Fonze went to get the bus home at 9. Since then I’ve spent like 40 minutes in the shower (which is quite short, I thought I was in there for like an hour) and watched some more Futurama. I’m sure I’ll get around to sleeping eventually :D.



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