World Cup sticker book

How long would it take you to complete the World Cup sticker book?

The answer, as it turns out, is a long time. We did the maths in the office a few weeks ago and the value we came up with was £460. That is how much you need to spend on stickers, on average, to fill the entire book. This assumes a random distribution of each sticker with no rares.

James Offer has created an online tool which simulates the process. It opens up a random pack of stickers over and over again until you have filled the book. It reached 637 somewhere between £300-400 I think, then was still going for that last sticker at £600 when I turned it off after two hours.

Of course you can reduce this by having friends to swap with. However, as a 27 year old man, I do not know any of my friends that are collecting World Cup stickers (nor I am for the record).



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