Things are set in motion

Stuff is happening. Stuff is going on. So the only real thing to do is to talk through it on Nerd Federation. My experiances with Firefox continue, I noticed that even when I backspace, the scroll bar on this editing page extends. Also, when I close a tab it jumps to the one on the right rather than the one on the left. I also miss the new tab button on the left of the tab row.

But anyway so there are things set in motion. Last night I managed to get hold of a .asf converted to mp3 so now I can convert the radio stations from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to mp3 and listen to them outside of the game! Last night and this morning (now in fact) I am listening to VCPR and I also plan to listen to K Chat. Talk radio stations rule :D.

Also today is the date of a gathering. Hopefully we can finally get some Maze Radio done today and last night, myself and Ceon were also exploring the possibility of doing a new movie. We need to find someway to fund it though so if you have a spare grand ;). We will give you an advanced copy and everything.

Also hopefully my DVD rewriter will be ordered this morning. It has a 5 day order on demand from where I am getting it from then so it is probably going to be a week or two before it appears. Still I need the time to save up for money to buy some DVD+R’s anyway lol.



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