Looking for a way to get RSS

I have been searching for some ways to get RSS feeds. After ignoring the technology for quite a while, I finally decided I should delve into the world of RSS, I am a nerd after alll. So I headed off to a number of sources including SitePoint and CNet to get some information, software and other such things that I would need.

Having tried one though I destroyed Firefox with it refusing to open when I tried to run the application. Not the best start. I was also going to try the Firefox favourites type plugin although it is only available for 0.7 and 0.8. I am running 0.9 so I didn’t want to risk it. My third alternative was Sharp Reader or something, which required the .net framework which has never ended well when I previously installed it.

The reason I really got started with it as I noticed Yahoo Groups were now offering RSS feeds. I had noticed it before but now I actually wanted to use them to allow me to get access to all the latest Michelle Branch news and discussions for my new site, Branch Planet.

Still, I am sure a solution will randomly turn up. I was tempted by the one that is intergrated with Outlook Express although I always find that place depressing and can never keep on top of all the emails I get.



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