More random angry complaining

Well well, it is only 15 minutes until the new series of Law & Order that has been totally ruined by a new theme tune, opening sequence and random changing of cast. Oh well at least I can catch the last 15 minutes of Friends on E4 plus 1. Meh, I am still longing for the next episode of One Tree Hill but that is still 6 days away! How can anyone wait that long? I haven’t felt this way since the O.C.

So anyway my plan for today was to head into Crossgates and search for some recordable media. But as my order didn’t get dispatched until quite late it was too late by then and I didn’t want to go until it had been. Still it has now so hopefully it will arrive tommorow and I can spend the afternoon getting the media. That or sleeping, sleeping is good too.

Ok, what else can I complain about? I am working on Frinks yet again with Frinks mark 5 the versions just keep coming hu? I am moving Frinks and Worfolk Online over to a new server although I am having problems making remote connections to the server. Plus I still need some of my databases restored on the old server. Bah!



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