How long can a trend last?

I think, to a certain extent, I am waiting for the inevitable. When will we get bored of posting on Nerd Federation and simply go off and do something else? Although the word “we” is probably a bit strong. Other than my posts, the total count for everyone else numbers up to the high about of one. Still, maybe more life will be pumped in if the forums ever return.

Still I would like to think Nerd Federation can keep going for a while. If it can be sustained for a month or two, at least then it cannot be classed as a phase, it will be more of a long term project. But the most important thing is the archives building up as each new month adds a link to the list on the left of the homepage. And isn’t having a cool archives list what all websites are about.

Sustainabilty is a big issue for my web development at the moment, though. My new Michelle Branch Planet website will hopefully begin to gain traffic thanks to several new bits of information being published each day. However this constant updating needs to be sustained if I am to make the site really popular.

It is the same for Maze Radio also. I can see nobody else is really that bothered so there is little chance the show can be made daily. But weekly is the very limit of what we need if the site is to ever become popular. And considering they are only 15 minute shows I’m not sure that will be enough. I need a new project, TV Forge perhaps.



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