Frinks shall soon rule all

Well now, it seems that certain things are going fairly well. Sure it is raining outside and I am hungy but there are more important issues at hand – for instance, last night I burned Book of Vegans: Blair Wiccan II and the original Blair Wiccan Projectto a special boxset style DVD featuring all 3 commentaries. The only thing that was left off was the Blair Wiccan Project commentary, deleted scenes and outtakes which I shall try to find today.

Even above that though is the development on Frinks. This new web portal will take over from M World / Rawice as the central portal for Worfolk Online like MSN is to Microsoft and drawing all Worfolk Online’s content together, in one place with static type content to maximize our traffic from search engines. The news and weather sections are already complete.

Worfolk News is also getting a make over so that it can have a white background rather than the bright orange one it has covering the entire page at the moment. I would like to see Worfolk News in Google News some time this summer so I think as well as plenty of news we need a site that looks presentable. I want to launch that some time in August.

Tommorow after all is August – which means that from tommorow, posts on Nerd Federation will be archived under August 2004, instead of July 2004 . We will have ourselfs a real archive! I think it is an exciting day for all of us.



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