GTA: Vice City is pretty much completed

Hurray! After finishing up with the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory I completed another asset and so unlocked the final missions. I had done it before, I got up to 104 deliveries one time but nobody told me to get out of the van so I didn’t realise and got myself busted. Oh well I did it, so anyway the final missions were unlocked – cap the collectors and keep your friends close…

So after stopping off at sunshine autos (it’s the one place that seems to provide a hiding place inside) I drove up to the mansion and headed inside. After the cut sequence I began to chase down the collectors and ran them over somewhere near Washington Beach. I then headed to the bridge to stop the next two and took them out near the Malibu. Then the final ones were taken out on the bridge to downtown. Mission complete.

So back to sunshine autos and heading back to my mansion. I pulled out that big rail gun thing and gunned a load of matia down, followed by Lance and finally Sunny. I noticed some cool limo’s outside but by the time I had answered all the phone calls and saved they were gone. Anyway I am missing a large chunk out here. The credits went on for ages and I couldn’t skip them. I presume everyone was in the same situation.

Anyway so the ending sequence was really good I thought, it was edging on emo which I liked. I can see why people can live out their fantasies as it really dragged me into the storyline and I can see how other people could be too. Is there any recorded news of inspired violence? Comments people!

To conclude, the game is finished pretty much the only other things I have to do is finish off the film studio and sunshine autos and do stuff like the minor details as I only have about 8 hidden packages lol. Anyway, I might do them I will probably try but I finished the main bit and thats the most important thing. So yay!



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