Branch Planet launches

It’s the site you have all been waiting for. I can’t remember if I mentioned it before, I think I did in the addictions post where I said I would keep you posted. Well consider yourselves posted as here is the latest update – the site is now officially open. Check it out at Hmm, this editor doesn’t work so well with Firefox when it comes to inserting URLs.

Anyway the site is basically going to be a news portal, that way I can update it like every day which should bring plenty of visitors in or so I hope. The great thing about doing a niche site like a fansite or a site about Chinese / Albanian hamster hybrids is that you can really make a good site, maybe even the best site on the subject as there isn’t the huge competition. That is my aim here.

Hopefully the site should get crawled pretty soon. Google Visited Gamer Forge within 24 hours of submission, possibly due to the link from Worfolk Online’s homepage which I have given to Branch Planet too so if it is that, the robots should be hoping along nicely.

Oh well I guess only time will tell for what will happen to the site. The most important thing is that whatever happens, it should provide some material for some new posts on Nerd Federation. I am still chasing down the old forum database so hopefully, I will recover that soon. Of course, that is a completely unrelated topic but that is what Nerd Federation is about.



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