The switch to FireFox

I finally did it – after Beonex crapped out on me again (occasionally it loses all my settings) I decided to set Firefox as the default browser. There are some things I am not happy about though. So I decided to hop along to Nerd Federation and have a moan about them – oh when will the perfect browser come along?

So anyway first of all, I don’t have my little task bar icon to open up windows anymore. Therefore I had to enable quicklaunch and delete everything on it so now all I have is show desktop and Firefox. My task bar space is valuable though, I often end up with a scroll bar on the task bar if I am not careful and that just gets annoying.

Anyway as for Firefox, my impression is that it is a lot more like Internet Explorer than Beonex. The rich text editor used for message posting and editing here on Nerd Federation works in Firefox which I am pleased about although as I type the horizonal scroll bar keeps extending for some reason. Still at least I don’t have to switch back to Internet Explorer to post messages.

Hopefully also this will rid me of the problem where I keep getting signed out. Although if it is a problem on all browsers then I will be out of luck there. Back on about how Firefox is more similar to Internet Explorer than Beonex anyway I noticed that Firefox uses the system default font, in my case Times New Roman which sucked as Beonex used Arial as the default font which was great.

Also the forms in Firefox are like the new Windows XP ones. Beonex had the classic styled ones which I really liked. I think browsers should make it switchable and they should also make the default font switchable. I am sure I will have more revolations as time goes on – I haven’t tried favourite icons yet but I am hoping Firefox picks them up from the meta tag as I really liked that with Beonex.



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