The Tunnel Club

After enduring quite a lengthy period of lectures yesterday and squeezing in time to record the first bout of Jimmy Turtlehouse footage I headed off to the Linux Install Fest that was being run by CompSoc. It was quite entertaining to wander up and down the room going “hmmm” at various computers though the whole concept had got Maths Chris a little over excited.

I headed off to the union at 7 to check out Christianity Explored. It’s basically what they did at Alpha last year (not that I went to that) but with a new name. If they were attempting to bring new people into Christianity they are failing quite miserably though as it was (as with all these Christian events) packed with Christians and very little else. Still they did offer a free meal of sweet and sour chicken so I think I’ll head back next week.

I then finished the night at The Tunnel Club. The Kooks had cancelled their gig so they were doing free entry. Given it was 10:45 when I went down and that it was free entry I went down thinking “there is no way you’re going to get in to this Chris, it’s 2 weeks after freshers week they would be sold out even if it wasn’t free entry.”

I then walked straight in to find about 15 people there. The bar was deserted, the bar staff just standing around and the dance floor was completely empty. Which worked out really well as I got a seat at the side and even though it filled up the crowd didn’t move that far forward so I was like 2 metres away from the band and had a perfect view of them. The band, known as Olympus Mons or something were really good as well, I was well impressed.

Once it got busy the atmosphere really picked up as well. They moved the DJ stand into the middle of the stage after the band had finished and Chris Martin was really getting into it and dancing about. Plus every time he put a popular track on the crowd went mental. Spent some time hanging out with Jeremy too, it’s good to know there are other indie fans who like Tunnel Club as well as myself and Rich.

So yeah, all in all it was a wicked night. I normally get bored after the band has finished and leave like before midnight as I mainly go for the band anyway but I was there till like 1:30 last night. At £3.50 advanced for a good night of music and a live band you really can’t go wrong.



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