File format nightmares

Ok so I had an DivX file I wanted to to take the audio from. It can’t be that hard to do right?

Well Premiere can’t deal with DivX. Indeed nothing can deal with DivX. None of the conversion software seems to be able to. The only thing that could out of all things was Windows Movie Maker. So I imported it into there and exported it as a WMV file.

I then imported this into the Windows Media Stream Editor so that I could convert it into an audio file. This managed to convert it into a WMA file. I then imported this into Premiere. Premiere conformed it so that it could be edited in the timeline and by the time it was done the file had been re-arranged and randomly restarted the whole audio at points (for example at 3 minutes in it jumped back to the start – but it didn’t jump, it was still playing the file, it’s just the file at this point was the same as the start even though the original file was different if that makes sense. Basically instead of it playing 1, 2, 3, etc it would play 1, 1, 2, 1, and so on).

It as weird that it did this as it plays fine when you just open the file in Windows Media Player. So I took the file into Audio Conversion Wizard. Which crashed the first time I tried to convert it. I then went through again and altered some settings and exported it as a WAV file.

Ok so I now have a standard WAV file that I imported into Premiere. That so far doesn’t seem to be jumping back to the start. I then go through the file splitting into sections I want. Once I have done this I have to, section by section, copy and paste that section into a different timeline and export it as a WAV.

Done that, now it’s a case of going through the songs one by one and working out what song it is so I can rename the file appropriately. The audio files are also hidiously quite. So after all this what do I have? A bunch of MP3s (as I originally wanted them) but they are too quiet and only have artist details in the ID3 tags – no track numbers or titles. Brilliant. And that is presuming Audio Conversation Wizard which is currently converting them from WAV to MP3 completes without problems.



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