A rollout of semi-epic proportion

Today Worfolk Pictures rolled out it’s brand new show, Jimmy Turtlehouse Guitar Hero. While you can find all the details about it on the website and in the videos what I really want to talk about is the rollout that has been done in order to support the show.

First of all, we started with a new website on a new domain. It’s a basic WordPress install with a template added on but it gets the job done. The videos for the show are then hosted on Revver as they split advertising revenues with the content producer.

It far from ends there though. The videos have also been added to YouTube due to it’s popularity as well as Google Video and Metacafe. To really get the viral going we have also added profiles on MySpace and Bebo so that people can connect that way and the videos will soon be added to MySpace Video too. There are several other avenues being considered too including MSN Soapbox (beta so we can’t get an account but I’ve put my email address on the notification list), Yahoo Video and a long list of social networking sites to trawl through.

On top of that the website is obviously going to get mentioned on Worfolk Online’s site, and the blog and of course the videos are on Worfolk Picture’s site as well. Plus I’m now mentioning it on this blog and any other blogs I remember I have which are suitable to promote such a topic.

I’m also looking into getting it listed on iTunes and the other podcasting directories. Did I miss anything? Maybe a story on Digg? A few more social networks couldn’t hurt. But I think we are going to manage to get the word out about the show quite well.



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