Remember exit() after location

Well best get started with the random tips and information. One thing I am not happy about is this editor tells me I am using Verdana 8px, but when it comes out in the page it is Times New Roman! The blow is slightly cushioned for myself however as my browser, Beonex, uses Arial as the default font. A nice bit of scripting in the editor though means it is not compatable with Beonex – neither is vBulletin!

So before the moans side tracked me, I was getting into my story. Having started doing some stuff in PHP to make sure of forcetype and stats on subdomains (just wait until I get an rewrite engin!) I found a few helpful bits of information that spent much time annoying me and ended up really simple. Most notably, not remember == for comparissions.

One other thing I noticed is that although you can redirect a user using the header location tag, it doesn’t actually stop the PHP script running. So the user may have been sent elsewhere but the thing they were not allowed to do and you had throught been stopped doing it because of the header location code you added, is still actually being done. It’s easy to fix though, all you need is:

Header ("Location: whateverpage.php");
Exit ();

Hmm, yet another over complication of PHP if you ask me. Still I’m kind of on a high right now as this editor is pretty cool. It has some quite extensive image adding features and plenty of HTML options. I give it my offical stamp of "neeto!" Well, I will probably be able to keep myself away for like an hour at tops, see you then.



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