Nerd Federation is back!

After a long talk with everyone else involved in Nerd Federation (well, less of a talk, more of I am going to tell them later), Nerd Federation has been brought back online but these time as somewhat of a blog portal. That said none of you lower scum will be posting ;). It’s pretty much just myself, Ceon and Rawpulse that get to post entries, though the rest of you can post comments.

Random subjects are always cool and that’s the best thing about a blog. You can just come on and make a post pretty much about anything and yet you still don’t end up with the pointless comments and discussions that you often find on forums, indeed that you used to find on the Nerd Federation forum. If you can find your way past the entry portal page that is!

So prepare to be overwhelmed by fun as we post random comments that just make no sense…



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