Psych out

Last week we had dinner with Gijsbert who pointed me to the new version of his PsyToolkit. This is a piece of software for building psychological experiments, though more relevant to us civilians are the tests and scales available on the website

There are now over 60 on them, so myself and Elina spent Saturday night filling them all out. Of course how much you can take from them is questionable. However, they are all academically published scales.

I came up with some interesting results:

  • I am not a psychopath – which was the result I was hoping for
  • I am only slightly dissatified with my life – win
  • I’m only minimally depressed
  • I have high self-esteem – probably thanks to me being so great
  • I’m not narcissistic – pretty surprised at that!
  • I am highly sceptical of adverts
  • I have high general anxiety
  • I do not have internet addiction – apparently
  • I am a perfectionist – did not expect that!

Of course I am now basically going to do nothing with this information. However, it was fun to do the tests.

I also suggested he added the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) which he prompted did. Pleasingly, my score dropped from 11 to 9 this week, meaning I am no longer postnatally depressed!



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