Breathing space

This time last year I was running eight community groups. Anxiety Leeds, Leeds Tornadoes, Leeds City Toastmasters, White Rose Speakers, Humanist Action Group, Sunday Assembly Leeds, West Yorkshire Humanists and Leeds Skeptics.

I have been gradually cutting that down over the past year. I moved on to being a Toastmasters area governor (so looking after five clubs rather than two) and that too has now come to an end. Leeds Skeptics is now in the capable hands of Trevor and I’ve moved to Leeds Samurai, so I can train without the organisational hassle.

All in all then I am a now mere civilian in four of those groups and can attend as and when I have time.

I’ve cut down on my personal commitments too. Last year I was having regular lessons for guitar, singing and Finnish. Now I am down to Finnish and piano.

It’s an interesting experiment, not cramming far too much into my life and hoping it all gets through the doorway. So far, it’s working out okay. It’s still a lot of groups, and I won’t say I have much unscheduled time, but I am now finding more time to revise, and even a bit of timing to garden (luckily this only requires limited attention when all you have is a balcony). Besides which wedding planning quickly turns into a full time job…



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