Heads and brick walls

Facebook’s developer platform is a joke.

I mean, it wasn’t great initially but they made an effort. They launched a wiki and tried to provide good documentation. They often didn’t succeed but a little more time and experience and they would probably get the hang of writing good quality documentation.

But it’s just gone down hill. As you probably know they have re-designed Facebook and as part of their changes they have altered much of the API and mark-up language. The only problem is, they didn’t bother to updatr any of the documentation. So none of it works anymore.

Nothing is coherant either. There are dead links and nothing matches – the new integration guide will say one thing and the documentation for the function it is talking about is completely different.

Worst of all, the final hope of salvation, asking users who have actually managed to get it working, isn’t a simple search of the forums at the moment as it’s returning no results for any search term I care to put in. Fantastic stuff.



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