Friday night

The long awaited office night out took place last night. We headed down to town straight from work to Beckett’s Bank on Park Row which was rather busy, but then I guess that has town written all over it on a weekend, especially when people are just getting out from work.

I’m not sure I’m a fan of town on the weekend. There are too many old people and everywhere is packed. It’s probably worth suffering the sleep deprivation to go out on a week night as you just seem to get a better atmosphere, at least until I have a few more years on me.

We moved onto a bar named Henry’s which is just round the corner. It was an interesting mix, it seemed quite a classy place and yet they were playing the most generic cheesy music that you would expect to find at Fruity and Mental Mondays back when Bondi was open.

After a few drinks here everyone else headed off to Tiger Tiger to meet up with some from one of our clients that also happened to be out while I stayed back for another drink. With hindsight we should probably have traded numbers as Tiger Tiger was abandoned by the time I arrived there so I don’t know what happened to everyone else.

The night was far from a write-off though as Nicola invited me back to hers to take a look round her new house which isn’t too bad for a student house (it has the generic bedrooms in random places and no form of hallways but that is to be expected) and the price is pretty good so I’ll give my thumbs up. Especially given she got the best bedroom by far lol.



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