This just isn’t cool

It’s been 5 days since I ordered my new laptop and it still hasn’t been dispatched. When I originally placed my order they had a date for when they were getting it in but everything else in the order was an unknown date. Then within a few days I had dates for everything else but had lost the date for my laptop. At the moment I now have a mix. And everything was dated (except the laptop itself) for today which has now been pushed back to tomorrow, Thursday or unknown.

That said it’s quite wierd as my two bits of networking kits have been upgraded to “to be picked” so I think I’m on a bit better ground there. I will not be impressed if the order is held up by network cables though I think I’m going to be waiting on the laptop more than anything. I’m hoping it all gets sent out ASAP as I’m desperate to get it, I’m checking the order tracking information religiously.



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