The food chain

A while ago I knocked up a diagram to explain how the food chain works in nature. I was clearing my laptop’s hard drive when I came across it so I thought I would share it.

The food chain




  1. LOL looks a bit like the one used in the simpsons episode where Lisa refuses to eat meat

  2. xmeltrut says:

    I’m most impressed by the Simpsons knowledge! Wasn’t sure how many people would pick up on the reference.

  3. George says:

    Just a heads up, I was doing a Bio project and needed a picture of a food chain. This is a funny picture of a food web, but it definatly is not a food chain. A food chain shows how energy gets transferred from the sun to a producer, then to a consumer, then to a Secondary consumer and terciary consumer. A food web is a what-eats-what.

  4. annie says:

    well i think this diagram is not a food chain/web. however, you make a good work here and to me it shows the centrality of human beings as the top predators in marine and terrestrial environment. human beings affects all aspects of the environment and if we are to look at in more close, i think the diagram is reasonable to placed human beings in the center of the human-environment relationship. Job well done,you’re getting there.

  5. dan says:

    I am about to make a painting on the food chain i googled food chain and found your diagram and it is pretty good.

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