The day Britian stood still

Sunday, it snowed. It snowed quite a lot.

Monday, it snowed. That is quite a lot of snow, for us.

I gather the south had it even worse though to be honest, I think this is much of a case of it snows every year in Britain, why aren’t we prepared for it?

Not that I think we were overly unprepared for it up in Leeds, it remains to be seen as to whether we will get a second downfall that will really cripple us but on the whole things managed to keep moving, everyone in our office managed to make it in despite several of them living in the middle of nowhere.

For anyone in urban areas there was no real reason why those who live and work up north could not get to work on Monday. And given the roads were entirely clear by Tuesday there is certainly no reason why anyone would skip work by then.

Snow Snow Snow



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