The calm before the storm

I feel like the next 72 hours of my life are going to be mental. I need to update my websites today and tomorrow within the next 5 hours preferably as tomorrow I start uni at 9 though until 2 and have filming to do at 6. This does give me 4 hours but my Python project needs attention and it’s like a two hour round trip to get back to Bod.

As soon as I’ve finished filming I need to get back to Bod for the final Grant House social of the term which is Bod Bar at like 8:00-8:30 then If afterwards. Then on Friday we are going out to lunch and going to the cinema in the evening. And I haven’t started packing and we get kicked out of Bod at 10 am on Saturday morning.

I really wanted to go to this grill a Christian thing on at Bod Bar tonight too, I still might. I’m torn. Maybe I will. Work can wait. Well, it can’t but I’m going to ignore that fact for now.



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