Not the early night I was aiming for

I went to DEC-10 to get some Python done tonight (t now occurs to me on re-reading my blog I’ve already blogged about this a few hours ago lol). Myself and Michelle were there until after midnight and I got home about 1. Not too bad, I could get 7 1/2 hours sleep in before I needed to get up.

But I decided to go check out the free refreshments being put on by the Christian Union as religious events and discussions posess some quite strong interest for me. Not that there was massive amounts of discussion but I ended up staying there for like 2 hours. That said, free food :p.

So yeah, I should really get some sleep. I finished reading Sam Harris’s The End of Faith today which I will probably have to make a big post about sometime. I start my new book tomorrow, metaphorical prizes (that means not real ;)) for anyone who can guess correctly what I plan to read next. And in case anyone is tempted to think I am being somehow pulled in, no, it’s not the Bible.



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