Super Bowl XLVIII

Well, that was the most boring game ever.

43 – 8. The Seattle Seahawks dominated from the start and never let go. The commentary team quickly began to list reasons not to go to bed in an attempt to keep people watching. Because that is what we were all thinking by the end of the first half.

Luckily one of them said “eat clock” and we got a good 15 minutes of laughter out of that. Very much needed as the half time show did not provide much entertainment. The Red Hot Chili Peppers barely played one song. I am being generous with the term “played” because they did not even plug their guitars in.

Of course the Denver Broncos are used to being humiliated at Super Bowls by NFC West teams. They hold the record for the biggest losing margin when the San Francisco 49ers beat them 55 – 10 in 1990. But it did not make the game any more enjoyable.

Still, I think my buffet worked quite well. Including my Super Bowl Yorkshires…


I’ll be honest with you – they are a lot like regular Yorkshires…



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