Rocksmith Diary: Day 1

Rocksmith is a game that teaches you to play guitar. It is similar to Guitar Hero, but you play with an actual guitar. They claim it is the fastest way to learn. They also boast of the “60-day challenge” – play for one hour per day, for 60 days, and you will learn guitar.

I’ve had a guitar for ten years but I never took formal lessons because I didn’t want it to become a chore. I was still in education at the time and didn’t want another round of boring homework to do every night. I just had fun strumming it and learning a few basic notes without any real plan. Now I’m older and my cost benefit analysis says it is probably worth trying for two months, so I’m taking Ubisoft up on their challenge. As an added incentive, I’ve told myself that if I make it to the end of the 60-day challenge, I can buy myself a new guitar.

I started yesterday and will be trying to keep a diary of my progress on here. Everything will be filed under a new category “Music” on my blog. Hopefully it won’t get too annoying.

As I’ve covered already, my starting point is zero. I can’t play any musical instrument and I wouldn’t describe myself as having any music talent. I really enjoying singing, but nobody else enjoys it when I do. If Rocksmith can teach me to play, there is hope for basically anyone.

Day 1 entry

Managed to get everything set up. The tuning was a bit frustrating as I thought I kept getting it right but the game insisted I didn’t until I continued to very slightly tweak it for a few minutes per string. Once this was done though I got into the game, watched a few of the videos on strumming and stuff like that then tried a song.

The time flew by; I had done an hour before I knew it. I then set my timer to give me another half an hour which I spent playing a game where you have to shoot ducks by playing the right note and before I knew it this extra half an hour had gone too. I went back to play X-Kid one final time and actually managed to hit some of the notes despite fret and string changes. Sounds simple, but I could not have done that when I started today.




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