HP Laserjet p1102w review

I bought the HP Laserjet p1102w because it was rated by Which magazine as a best buy. I have no idea how. It is a truly appalling piece of kit.

  • After 5 minutes it turns itself off. The documentation claims it goes to sleep, but sending something to print doesn’t wake it up. You have to turn it on by pressing the on button on the printer. Then send something else to print. Then it prints both the original document and the new document.
  • The firewire doesn’t work with Mac so you are unable to adjust any of the settings.
  • The paper jams frequently.
  • There is no “go” button so when you fix the jam the only button you can press is the cancel print button that cancels your job.
  • There is only one error light so you have no idea what is wrong.

I’m sending it back and replacing it with a Brother.




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