Pizza Express

Sunday evening having rolled round again I headed out for dinner with the gang from work (even though Craig now works at a different store, Zoe doesn’t work there at all any more I only have two shifts next month!) to grab some food. The destination of choice this week was Pizza Express which I haven’t eaten at since we were down in London.

I started with the Salsiccia al Forno. I had no idea what it was when I ordered it and I have no idea what it is now. But it was very nice so I’m counting it as a victory. My Pollo ad Astra was very nice too despite them having run out of onions.

The one issue I do have though is that I always feel like we’re fat bastards when everyone sits round with an entire pizza to ourselves. I’m sure it’s actually no more food then when you order a big steak or whatever other dinner but it just seems a lot, perhaps because it is thin and stretched over the entire plate.

To be fair if I had felt that bad I probably would have said no to dessert but then who honestly can? Turns out I really should have because I was insanely full afterwards. Never the less though it was a fine meal and ended at the traditional way with more food at Colton Mill (for those who could fit any more in, I couldn’t lol).

Craig laughs while drinking Felix Crabs, Rich, Chris



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