Double dating with Frankie & Benny

Continuing our tour of a different restaurant each week which is still going strong now well into it’s second week 😉 , we headed over to Frankie & Benny’s for this week’s exciting Sunday night meal.

Unable to find anything new and interesting on the menu to try I decided to settle in for a nice mixed grill featuring a mere 23oz of meat. Rich also joined me with the choice though it turns out that 23oz isn’t actually that much meat and we both managed to work our way through it.

It was quite a nice restaurant, the staff were very friendly and the waitress even volunteered to take a group photo of us which I thought was more than tip worthy but apparently, I wasn’t allowed to leave one :o. Still, as was pointed out, we don’t get tipped at work so it’s personal preference I guess.

All in all, it was a good night even if I did eat a little too much lol. Roll on Mexican next week…

Group photo Zoe and Rich Mixed grill



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