Open Door Design does Christmas

Yesterday was the first of two Christmas parties at my office. The first of two because we’re really busy at the moment so didn’t want to have a full on night and so decided to go out for a meal last night and have a proper drinking session in January. Of course last night turned rather heavy as everyone knew it would but there you go.

We started off at the Cuthbert Broderick which was absolutely packed. I don’t understand why there were so many people out on a Thursday night, maybe because it’s so close to Christmas, maybe because Thursday is just a heavy night in Leeds. In any case, I wasn’t too impressed.

Dinner was at Ha Ha Bar also in Millenium Square which was a bit of a mixed bag. The starters were very small indeed while the main course wasn’t too bad but basically you just get some kind of meat on a dish and then a few potatoes and vegetables to share. To be fair to them though the steak was cooked very nicely but then it’s not like they gave you a choice how you wanted it.

Once we’d eaten we headed out round a few bars including the one in the German Christmas market which was an interesting experience (and where I happened to run into Rosie and Danny) and then worked our way down to the Headrow. By this time it was gone midnight and so with only half our number remaining I decided to head home. Nick was buzzing and so headed off with Tom and Dean for further beers (no suprises there lol).

The damage from last night showed when I rolled up to the office to find I was the first person there. Tom arriving soon after informed me that he had gotten in 5:30 that morning having goten through a great deal of antics including Mojos, breaking up several fights and a cup of tea in Little London. Good stuff.



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