Saturday night

Good news girls, Norm is back on the market.

Discussing last night with my housemates I mentioned everyone had bailed on me at Nicola’s party (because they’re all rubbish). What I didn’t know is that Liz hadn’t actually home last night but had instead gone over to Oli’s despite having a taxi waiting to take her home.

Perhaps some context is required. Being back on closes last night I had work in the afternoon which due to the fact nobody turned up for work yesterday, took far longer than it needed to and I didn’t end up getting out until about 2:30.

Having finally got away I headed over to Nicola’s party which was still loving along with about ten guests or so remaining. I was a little too sober to really join in the festivities at this point though and given everyone else had left, I went home after about an hour. I did get the amusement of watching Zoltan try to play Twister however 😀 .



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