Leaving Luxembourg we began the drive over to Munich. We were planning to drive through the Black Forest but being under time constraints we didn’t actually get to see much of it. It actually reminded me of the National Forest just south of Sheffield – not a lot of trees but plenty of farmland.

We arrived in Munich to find that the hotel didn’t actually have twin rooms – only double rooms. This made for a rather intimate night (by intimate night I mean rough animal sex – but what happens in Munich, stays in Munich).

We headed into town to find the Hofbrauhaus, a legendary drinking establishment in the heart of Munich. They served giant beers and had a band plus the food was pretty good and the gift shop was open until late into the night allowing Kieran to buy a stein.

Interestingly, Germany really look down on jaywalking – and there is just something weird about watching drunk people patently wait for the light at a crossing that you just can’t imagine in the UK.

It’s just a shame we were a week too early for Oktoberfest.

Still, that is really just an excuse to come back at some point.



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